Parts and Price list:-

Metering Unit - fitted standard rotor & unleaded seals £215.95 each.
Metering unit - fitted new rotor & unleaded seals

£337.95 each

Injectors Screw type £22.50 each
Injectors Push type £22.50 each
CP & CR Throttle bodies (Manifolds) 

Overhead Throttle linkage kit                                 

£465.95 per car set 

No Longer Available.

Underslung Throttle Linkage Kit complete (every part req'd for CP) Can also be used on CR Throttle bodies if  CR to CP conversion Spindles are fitted. £215.95
CP series spindles (only req'd if spindle worn) £39.95 each
CR to CP series conversion spindles (3 req'd to convert to CP Linkage Spec) £41.95 each

Bosch Type Fuel Pump Conversion Kit £295.95 Complete.
P.R.V. (Note: This is the standard Lucas Valve) £74.95 each
All Metering unit seals & Diaphragms to unleaded specification are available e.g.
Fuel Diaphragm £39.95 each.
Vacuum Diaphragm £37.95 each
Bung seal (6 needed per unit) £4.25 each
Rotor assembly "O" ring (1 large , 1 small needed per unit) £1.95 each
Pedestal to Metering unit "O" ring

Banjo "O" ring

Meter unit banjo bolt

Pedestal seals

£1.95 each

£1.00p each

£13.95 each service exchange

£9.95 (2 seals per pedestal unit)

Injector Hoses (Black, Blue, Red or Clear)

£82.95 Per Set (Old Ends Must be Returned)

Meter unit inlet pipe (st/st outer PTFE inner)

Fuel pipe kits (copper with brass fittings)

New Type PRV, Diaphragm Type, Purpose Made to Stop Resonance


£71.95 per car kit


St/Steel Element for use with our Servicable Bosch Pump pre-filter

Pre-Filter Billet Type as used with Our Kit (Fitted With Paper Filter)    



If your requirement is not listed then please telephone for price and availability.

We are pleased to accept Debit / Credit Card.

Trade Enquiries Welcome.

Note; Prices shown exclude V.A.T.

Carriage on meter units & pumps is £13.95 per unit. (UK only for overseas please ask)

Carriage on manifolds is £13.95 per car set. (UK only for overseas please ask)


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